Faculty Mentor

An OSU academic or professional faculty member in formal support and mentorship relationship with an RSO, as a part of the faculty/staff member’s OSU responsibilities. 


  • Faculty mentors work collaboratively and proactively with RSO Officers to help the RSO meet the organization’s stated purpose and goals. Faculty Mentors also support, guide and work with Student Organization Officers and leaders to ensure fair, intelligent, and reasonable decision-making that is consistent with applicable law and OSU policy and standards. 
  • Each RSO is recommended to have a Faculty Mentor.  If the RSO elects to have a Faculty Mentor, the process for selecting one is determined by the Student Organization, with the specific responsibilities of the Faculty Mentor to be discussed and agreed upon by the Student Organization and the potential Faculty Mentor.  SSOs are required to have a Faculty Mentor who is approved and employed by the sponsoring Department.  
  • Faculty Mentors are required to complete SOA Faculty Mentor orientation and training requirements.