Sponsored Student Organizations (SSOs), Voluntary Student Organizations (VSOs), and Department Student Organizations (DSOs) all have different expectations for advising, for which the basics are outlined below. For a more detailed overview of advisor or supervisor expectations, review Section 300: Role & Responsibilities of Advisors in the SOR Policy Manual.

SOR Manual Advisor Policies

At OSU, a faculty/staff advisor is appointed by the sponsoring department to serve as the primary “facilitator” to a SSO. SSOs are required to have an assigned advisor, as articulated in the Sponsorship Agreement between the student organization and sponsoring unit.  Advisors to SSOs should review and understand the role and responsibilities of department appointed advisors.

SOR Manual SSO Advisor Section

VSOs are not required to have a Faculty Advisor.  Therefore, those who choose to advise these organizations have no formal responsibility or oversight of the organization.  The role and responsibilities of the advisor to a VSO is minimal and since there are few rules for what role the advisor will take, it is up to you to sit down with the VSO and come to an agreement about what role they will play.

SOR Manual VSO Advisor Section

DSOs are directly supervised and manged by a department, and so faculty/staff in that department are expected to supervise DSO activities. 

SOR Manual DSO Supervisor Section