Looking to reserve a space on campus for your event? Look through the MU’s availability for the quad, plaza, and MU rooms at https://mu.oregonstate.edu/reserve-space.

Looking to reserve elsewhere? Browse through the other event space options below for some ideas!

The Memorial Union manages 15 indoor rooms (including for meetings, presentations, conference rooms, and special events), the MU Quad and the SEC Plaza. Note that event reservations can be made up to a year in advance, and large event spaces can get booked up quickly. Visit their Our Spaces page for information about room capacity and features, pricing, and policies. You can also access permits that you may need for your event. After making your reservation, be sure to review the information on their Policies page

Browse availability and reserve space online. If you have not done so already, you'll need to register and be approved for an account through the Event Management System (EMS). It is important to remember that this is a separate account from your ONID. Assuming your organization is currently recognized, your account should be approved within about 1 week, and you'll be free to make reservations online from that point forward. To make a reservation in the meantime, call 541.737.2416 or email [email protected].

NOTE: Only club officers can make profiles and reservations for their organization. 

25 Live Access

Currently Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) are permitted to use General Purpose (GP) classroom space for meetings and events. RSOs wishing to gain access to reserving academic (and Memorial Union) spaces should log into their club dashboard in ideal-logic and complete "25 Live & Mazevo Access Update" form to identify and authorize up to 3 club officers who will have permission to reserve space for the club. 


Things to Consider

  • RSOs are limited to three designated scheduling contacts.
  • Once approved and added by SOA, those designated individuals will be able to access and reserve GP space through to 25Live
  • If you do not see the form, it means your club is not currently recognized.  Pease reach out to [email protected] for support.
  • The same form should be used to change/update folks authorized to make reservations.
  • An activity report must be submitted through ideal-logic before any reservation will be confirmed.

NOTE: Each summer all student group organizations in 25Live will have their status set to "Unrecognized" at which point they will no longer be able to request events sponsored by that group. Student contacts for those groups will also have their requesting privileges removed. Any existing requests at that point may remain in the queue, but will not be scheduled until that group is recognized for that academic year. New requests will not be accepted until the group is recognized for the current academic year, at which point any designated scheduling contacts will also be granted requesting privileges.

  • Event reservation requests must be submitted at least 3 business days in advance.
  • If you are planning an event that is open to the public, anticipating a profit, or if there is an off-campus group involved, contact OSU Conference Services
  • In order to reserve AV equipment in these spaces, contact Student Multimedia Services at (541) 737-3332 a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the meeting or event. Faculty/staff may also request multimedia event support

For more information on how to navigate 25Live, please reference their website.

  • Rooms in LinC (Learning Innovation Center) and Milam Auditorium may require a fee for use. 
  • Food and Drink are not allowed
  • If you move furniture in the room or make a mess, clean it up.
  • Do not “borrow” furniture from other rooms.
  • Some events may be denied use of classroom space if the event is inappropriate for the purpose of the classroom
  • Some crafting events may be considered potentially damaging to classroom space. Please consider contacting the Craft Center or the Memorial Union to schedule this type of activity.
  • Possession, consumption, or furnishing of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is prohibited
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum, there may be classes/tests in session in nearby rooms.
  • If we receive confirmed complaints regarding your event, your organization may be barred from using GP classrooms for future events.


  • If your event takes place after building hours or on a weekend, the ADA/Accessible entrance to the building should be open. If you find that entrance is locked when you arrive, please contact Public Safety’s non-emergency line (541-737-3010) to have it unlocked; be prepared to provide them with your event CRN.
  • If your event will have attendees from off-campus (not affiliated with OSU), you must inform [email protected]. You may need to work with Conference Services to ensure compliance.
  • All events and activities involving unaccompanied minors (under age 18, not OSU students) are required to register with the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance. Registration can be completed online at https://youth.oregonstate.edu.   
  • Please review the information on your confirmation email carefully to make sure it is correct (dates, days, times, room, etc.). Let the Schedule Desk know via email if there are any changes needed. You can verify your reservation is correct in Web Viewer within an hour of receiving your confirmation email. If you notice anything incorrect in your reservation or that it is not showing up after an hour, please let the Schedule Desk ([email protected]) know as soon as possible.

UHDS has several conference and meeting rooms available in Marketplace West Dining Center, McNary Dining Center, and Weatherford Residential College. Visit their webpage to view room rates and features and to put in your reservation request. 

Reser Stadium and the rooms within it, Gill Coliseum, The Valley Football Center, Merritt Truax Indoor Center, and Trysting Tree Golf Club are included among the variety of Athletic Facilities owned by OSU. For a description of current OSU Athletic Department facilities, please visit osubeavers.com/facilities. For reservations, questions, and price lists, please email [email protected] or call 541-737-7375. Pricing varies by location, whether stadium lighting is needed, and whether it is being reserved by a group internal or external to OSU. Expect additional costs for setup, custodial, security, and event management, which vary based on the type of event. 

Reservations use for the many outdoor areas, such as lawns and parking lots, on campus are coordinated by OSU Conference Services.  To reserve most outdoor areas on campus and/or to receive information on current pricing, contact OSU Conference Services at 541-737-2402. This includes all campus streets, park and lawn areas, parking lots, patios, malls, etc. (with the exceptions noted below).  For proper and timely consideration, Campus Grounds Use Requests MUST be submitted at least fourteen (14) days before the event date. If using any sort of sound for your event, you will need to fill out the OSU Sound Use Permit section in the Campus Grounds Use request. OSU Conference Services will send the Sound Permit to the appropriate departments and notify your student organization of acceptance. If you wish to have food at your event or need any equipment to make your event successful, please discuss your needs with OSU Conference Services.  

Note: OSU Conference Services is NOT responsible for the following campus grounds:

  • Memorial Union Quad: The MU Quad is reserved directly through MU Guest Services.
  • Valley Library Quad: The Valley Library Quad is NOT AVAILABLE for groups to use unless special approval is given.
  • Intramural Fields:
    • Women’s Intramural Fields are reserved directly by the Department of Public Health and Human Sciences in 123 Women’s Building. Contact this department at 541-737-6783 for more information.
    • Student Legacy Park, Peavy & South Intramural Fields are reserved through Dixon Recreation Center at 541-737-6783.
  • UHDS Campus Residential Lawns: Complete a Grounds Use Request with University Housing & Dining Services

The LaSells Stewart Center is a 40,000 square foot conference venue with high tech audio visual capabilities. It is comprised of Austin Auditorium, Construction & Engineering Hall, Giustina Gallery, several breakout rooms, an executive boardroom and additional event spaces. 

To make a reservation at The LaSells Stewart Center, you can contact us by email at [email protected] or call 541-737-2402. For more information about the The LaSells Stewart Center, visit their webpage.


The CH2M HILL Alumni Center is a beautiful 40,000 square foot meeting and conference facility at Oregon State University. The center is comprised of the 7,000 square foot Cascade Ballroom, multiple breakout rooms and a stunning lobby. The variety of rooms offered at the center allows you the freedom to choose the most suitable space for your event. Whether you are hosting a large regional or national conference or a smaller local meeting or social event, the CH2M HILL Alumni Center will provide the perfect setting for your event.  To reserve space and to get a price quote for the facility, contact the Alumni Center Reservations and Event Coordinator at (541) 737-7869. If you would like to see room capacities and the floor plan for your reservation, please visit the room viewer on the OSU Alumni website.

Visit the OSU Recreational Sports facilities rentals pages for general information. Dixon Recreation Center, McAlexander Fieldhouse, Tennis Complex, Peavy Sports Fields, and Student Legacy Park, can all be rented out through Recreational Sports (Rec Sports). In order to reserve a space, you will need to complete and submit a Rental Request Form. Reservations are prioritized based on your relationship to Rec Sports and OSU. This prioritization classification and information necessary to submitting a rental inquiry can be found on the rentals page of the Recreational Sports website. Also see information about rental rates. There is limited equipment available to use with your rental. Please contact Dixon Recreation Center to see if they can accommodate your equipment needs. Food and beverages are only allowed in the designated lounge areas at Dixon Recreation Center, Stevens Natatorium, and Student Legacy Park. Food and beverages are not allowed in other Rec Sports Facilities. No open drink containers are allowed in any activity area. Water may be carried in squeeze bottles with secure lids into all Rec Sports Facilities. Rec Sports requires Voluntary Student Organizations to purchase a certificate of insurance for their activities. 

To reserve one of the Cultural Resource Centers, which are part of the Department of Diversity and Cultural Engagement, fill out the online webform. Before placing your request, be sure to review the reservation policy, found at the bottom of the reservation page, for important information about use of space, costs, food policies, and more. Note that before requests are approved, Diversity and Cultural Engagement will evaluate alignment of your activity with the mission and mission of DCE and with the Cultural Resource Center being requested.