Fall 2020 Updates

We are in unprecedented times, and the Student Organizations and Activities offices has decided to continue the adjustment of our funding policy to meet the needs of student organizations at OSU. This will be the SOA Grant Funding (Previously known as SORCE) Policy for Fall term, at which point there will be an assessment for changes to Winter and Spring terms.


  • Requests for funding of $1,000 or more for activities happening in the fall 2020 term will be accepted until the end of week 6 (Friday, November 6, 2020)
  • Requests for funding under $1,000 for activities happening in the fall 2020 term will be accepted until the end of week 8 (Friday, November 20, 2020)

Funding requests for virtual events occurring in Winter or Spring terms 2021 will also be accepted. Funding requests for in-person events will not be considered until there is an update to OSU in-person guidelines.

SOA Grant Request Information

The following standards have been established to ensure all funded activities meet or exceed processes, policies, regulations and laws required by SOA as well as by the University and governmental agencies. All SOA Grant Funded activities must:

  • Must adhere to all OSU and State of Oregon regulations related to COVID-19.
  • Be reported/requested through the student organization database (Ideal Logic) within the appropriate timeline (see timeline).
  • Provide detailed information with all costs fully identified in the budget submission. This includes actual cost projections for all purchases, detailed with items and costs, pre-contract offers that identify all of the costs associated with performers or speakers (performance/rider), etc. All of these items need to be uploaded with the budget request in the Activity Report.
  • Uphold the OSU Community Non-Discrimination Policy.
  • Contribute to the development of students, student organizations and/or the OSU community.
  • Require submission of a Post Activity Report including a detailed budget reconciliation, and participation information. Failure to complete this process within 20 days of the event will result in the organization being placed on probation. Failure to complete the information within the funding year will result in the organization being placed on suspension for the next full academic year.
  • Labor Fees
  • Equipment Rental
  • Performance & Speaker Fees
  • Digital Marketing
  • Supplies
  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Public Performance Fees
  • Software for virtual engagement
  • etc.
  • Student Organizations annual allocation up to $5,000.
  • Events with 2+ Organizations collaborating can be funded up to $8,000
  • Events with 3+ Organizations collaborating can be funded up to $12,000
  • Activities must be held during weeks 1-10 of the academic terms to ensure that students have access to participating.
    • All activities must report participation numbers.
    • All activities must report location/platform (i.e. Zoom link)
  • Promotion and Advertising – because these events are funded with student fees, the primary target audience is OSU students; digital marketing is fundable for all activities. Promotion to OSU students is required for all SOA funded activities.
    • Here are the minimum marketing requirements:
      • Advertising at least a week in advance of the event
      • OSU Events Calendar with the #keepconnecting tag and Clubs & Organizations tags (located under the filters section)
      • 1 post on the Facebook page: Upcoming OSU and Corvallis Community Events (you need to make a request to get added before posting)
      • 2 social media posts per medium (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and/or Snapchat) via personal accounts and club accounts, if available.
      • Note: If you do not have a club or personal social media account, send info to student.orgs@oregonstate.edu.
    • The maximum allocation for the purchase of swag and prizes for an event is no more than $5.00 per expected participant. Meaning that a single item can only receive $5 of support.  If your item is more than $5, then the organization will need to cover the rest of the cost for that item. 
      • A list of expected participants’ names must be provided in the Logistics tab of the Activity Plan.
      • The purchase of swag and prizes can only be used for OSU students.
    • Supplies requested can be for operating supplies, minor equipment, decorations, costumes, banners, etc. - cannot exceed $800 annually.
    • Shipping and delivery costs are not included in the maximum amounts for individual items. Expedited shipping rates will be covered up to $100.
  • Allocation for the purchase of name tags or organization clothing/uniform for the purpose of visibility and promotion of your organization is limited to a total of $10 per OSU student member annually. Requests cannot exceed $500 annually.
    • The student organization roster in Ideal-Logic will be used to determine the number of student members.
    • SOA will only fund one request for clothing/badges per academic year.
  • Student organization members and leaders cannot be paid for services to the organization.
  • Payment to individuals for service to the organization including non-organization members that are OSU students must be facilitated through a formal agreement process clearly identifying these individuals as non-organization members. Payment must be made by check made out to the business/individuals.
  • The purpose of purchasing cards or gifts.
  • Payroll or payment to student organization members for leadership, service, performances, presentations, etc.
  • Hosting of activities for the primary purpose of fundraising for the organization or philanthropy for a non-profit agency.
  • Direct allocation of funds for philanthropic purposes - i.e. giving money to someone/something.
  • Purchase of items for resale purposes.
  • For activities hosted at establishments whose primary focus is on the service of alcohol (wineries, distilleries, breweries, etc.)
  • Events or activities hosted on the OSU campus that includes any access to alcohol.
  • Promoting or opposing any political committee or any initiative, referendum or recall petition, measure or candidate. Political educational activities representing multiple viewpoints are fundable.
  • Religious service activities.
  • Personal membership dues.
  • Payment for academic credits.
  • Facilities
  • At this time, with COVID regulations we cannot fund travel
  • It is highly recommended that all activities are planned as soon as possible. Allocations are made on a first come basis.
  • Please submit virtual event related questions via an Activity Plan/Report. Any submission for supplies, swag, graduation materials etc., please use the Equipment, Supplies & Department Payment form

SOA operates on an academic schedule and all staff are students first.

  • Submissions may be reviewed up to 14 days in advance of the date of the activity. Requests received 13 or fewer days in advance of the activity will not be reviewed.
  • If time does not allow for the request to be fully processed and the funds to be released to the student/student organization in advance of the activity the request will be denied.
  • SOA does not review allocation requests Weeks 10 or 11 of fall, winter or spring term, during winter or spring break, and is limited during summer term.
SOA Funding Request Submission Timeline
$ Amount Requested Less than $1,000 $1,000 or More
Programs/Events/Activities At least 2 weeks (14 days) At least 4 weeks (28 days)

How to Submit an SOA Grant Request

  • Login to Ideal-Logic
  • On the left of the page, click on the "Dashboard" for your organization
  • On the right in the green box under your Peer Educator contacts, click on "Activity Plan/Report" to begin your event submission.
  • Under "Activity Costs" select "Yes" to indicate you will be spending money. This will activate the "Campus Funding" section of the form for you.
  • Under the "Campus Funding" tab, click "Yes" to the question asking if you would like to request funding. This will activate the "Funding Sources" area on this tab for yu.
  • Under "Funding Sources" in the form, select the SOA fund type that most closely matches your need. For events, select the "SOA Programs/Events/Activities" option. If this does not appear automatically, search for "SOA" in the search box.
  • Complete the form for your event!

Ideal-Logic SOA Grant Policies PDF