Funding Requests

For Department funds (OSU or OSU Foundation) to be allocated to an RSO, a funding request must be generated through the funding request process initiated by the RSO and managed by SOA. RSO must have an active OSU index to have funds disbursed to the organization.  There are two types of funding requests available:

  1. Activity Funding Requests: Any Recognized Student Organization may solicit any OSU Department for financial support for a specific Activity.
  2. Annual Funding Requests: At the discretion of their sponsoring Department, RSOs may submit a request for an annual or quarterly budget for disbursement into their RSO fund.  Where available, this request will be made as part of the annual University Recognition process and will have a limited window for application as determined by the sponsoring Department. Departments interested in providing this option to clubs should reach out to establish.


Funding requests must be initiated by the RSO through the funding request process available through the RSO Database (Ideal-logic).

  • Upon submission, Unit head (or designee) will be pinged to review, edit, outline stipulations, indicate proper index, review terms & conditions and approve/deny request.
  • Upon department approval, RSO primary financial officer must accept terms and conditions for final execution of the agreement.
  • Approved funding requests can only be transferred to the RSO index OR retained in a Department index with the Department spending on the RSO’s behalf.
  • Transfer of funds into a RSO fund can take up to ten business days after execution of a funding request.