Your marketing plan is one component of your event plan. It should outline all of the ways that you plan to market your event, keeping in mind your target audience, the goals of the event, your overall planning timeline, and available resources (human and budgetary). Remember to always clearly establish with your group who will do what by when. You should develop a clear, concise, consistent and creative design to use in your event promotions. Determine the content and language you will use to catch your target audience’s attention and make them want to seek additional information. It is critical that all members of your group are using the same messaging when promoting the event in order to ensure consistency.

Relevant information to include: 

  • Who is putting on the event? All parties involved should be visible in the marketing, including:
    • Group(s) hosting/presenting the event (i.e. doing the majority of the work and planning)
    • Sponsor ASO that have a signed event sponsorship agreement)
    • Funding sources outside of your organization (e.g. SOA, departments)
  • What is the event? Your name or event theme might not make it clear to a potential attendee what they should expect from the event. Will there be food, live performances, speakers, networking opportunities, a competition, or other activities?
  • When will the event take place? Include all times, keeping in mind how you would like your audience to engage with the event: are you hoping that they will stay for the whole time or will guests can come and go throughout? When will the doors open? When does the program start?How long will the program run? Is there a separate time when food or beverages will be served?
  • Where will the event take place? If you are using building acronyms, keep in mind whether someone who is new to campus, or not from the area, understand what you mean. Also keep in mind any special considerations for parking.
  • Why should someone attend? What will entice someone to attend? What will they get out of it?
  • How to attend: Is the event open to the public? Is there a cost? When and where will guests be able to purchase tickets or register for the event in advance?
  • ADA Statement (required on all marketing): Requests for accommodations related to disability can be made by contacting ____________________ at ____________________.