Completed as part of an Activity report through SOA, Activity sponsorship is formal agreement between an RSO and a Department which establishes temporary collaboration and Department sponsorship for the planning and execution of the reported Activity. The agreement elevates the Activity to a Departmental event, outlines and clarifies roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the sponsorship, and provides the RSO access to OSU services and resources as accessed by the sponsoring Department.

The following are conditions and requirements of the Activity Sponsorship Agreement:

  • Executed with limited purpose, with the duration of a single Activity lasting no longer than 6 weeks. 
  • Must be initiated, executed, approved (in the SOA’s sole discretion) and maintained with SOA through the completion and approval of an Activity Report in advance of the activity taking place.
  • The Activities outlined in these agreements and reported through the RSO Database (Ideal-Logic) must be eligible for coverage under the OSU general liability insurance policies.  The sponsoring Department is responsible for covering any deductibles and may be responsible for additional expenses in certain cases.
  • Sponsoring Department approves a faculty member to serve as the Advisor for the Activity who will be involved with the planning of the Activity.

If the Department’s intention is to provide financial support only for the Activity, with no relationship or responsibility as outlined above, then a funding request should be moved forward instead of an Activity sponsorship agreement.