Completed annually as part of the University Recognition process, Annual Sponsorship is a formal agreement that establishes a sponsorship relationship between a Department and an RSO. The agreement outlines any special benefits (optional) and expectations of that relationship, and provides the RSO access to specified OSU services and resources if facilitated by the Department.  An Annual Sponsorship agreement is required when a Department grants ongoing Department resources to an RSO. Once the agreement is fully executed and approved by SOA in its sole discretion, the RSO is designated as an SSO.

The following are conditions and expectations that are required to be in every Annual Sponsorship Agreement:

  1. Department approves the faculty serving as the Faculty Mentor in support of the organization.
  2. Must be initiated by the RSO and reviewed, approved and accepted by the Department Head (or designee), the Faculty Mentor & the RSO.
  3. Can be terminated at any time by SOA with written notice to the Department and the RSO.