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**Spring 2021 Recruitment Will Continue to be Virtual! Register to participate here!**


Make P.L.A.N.S. for your future and join IFC 


Joining an IFC Chapter allows you to make PLANS for your future:

  • Philanthropy - Greeks strive to take part in as many philanthropic activities as possible both nationally and locally.
  • Leadership - IFC Men have the opportunity to acquire leadership skills and gain real-world experience while attending Oregon State University. 
  • Academics - Excelling academically is the top priority of all Greek Chapters at OSU. Fraternities strive to exceed the all-men's average each term at Oregon State.
  • Networking - With over 25,000 students at OSU, it's important to have a network to back you up. Going Greek gives you an instantaneous network of over 3,000 students active at Oregon State, along with the legions of Greek Alumni at OSU and across the country!
  • Service - Fraternity men consistently have the opportunity to give back to their community through a variety of service opportunities with their chapter and the community at large.

Spring 2021

The IFC and the individual Chapters that comprise it will only host virtual recruitment events during Spring 2021 due to concerns over COVID-19. IFC Chapters will follow the guidelines and policies of OSU, as well as the guidelines and policies of local and statewide health officials. Students interested in joining a Fraternity should sign up for IFC Recruitment and interact with Individual Chapters virtually.


1) Can I still join a chapter in the Spring?

Yes! Individual Chapters will be actively seeking new members to join their respective organizations during Spring 2021. If you are an incoming student at OSU, we recommend joining our community early and getting involved this Fall!

2) Can I attend in-person Recruitment events? 

No, Potential New members cannot attend in-person Recruitment events. However, the IFC and individual Chapters will be hosting virtual events from March 29th - April 9th. We highly recommend attending those events, even if you are unsure about joining a chapter this Spring. The Recruitment schedule can be found here on the Recruitment Process tab.

3) Can I attend in-person Chapter House tours?

No, Potential new members cannot attend in-person Chapter House Tours. To compensate for this inconvenience, some Chapters may choose to provide virtual house tours in video format. Please request a virtual house tour by contacting the chapter via Instagram or a point of contact within the chapter house. 

Spring 2021 Tips

Students interested in joining a Fraternity should be proactive and connect with individual chapters through social media or phone conversations. The contact information and social media pages of individual chapters can be found here on the Chapter Profiles page. Remember that Chapters are still very excited to meet and interact with Potential New Members virtually!


Informal Recruitment

Students who are interested in joining a fraternity are able to join at any point in the calendar year. Although you are able to join a fraternity at any point, it is recommended to join earlier in order to reap the most benefits from being in a brotherhood. If you are concerned about the time commitment or any academic conflicts, reach out to the chapters you are interested in and they can help guide you through the process. 


Academic Year

During the year is also a great way to meet and join a fraternity. Either sign up or contact the recruitment chair of the fraternity you are interested in. Throughout the year, IFC men are engaging in philanthropy, leadership development, the pursuit of academic success, networking, community service, and brotherhood activities. All of the activities that IFC Chapters are taking part in are prime opportunities for Potential New Members to get to know brothers, and see what life is like in the IFC Community!


Greek Speak

  • Interfraternity Council (IFC): Peer-elected governing council for traditionally housed fraternities that currently support 22 men's chapters at OSU.
  • Potential New Member (PNM): A person who is interested in joining a fraternity and will participate in recruitment.
  • Bid: A formal invitation to membership in a fraternity. 
  • Jump Day: A traditional IFC event where new members are launched into their chapters to commemorate their acceptance of a bid.
  • Recruitment: Formal term for Rushing