Fraternity Housing

The typical residence hall will cost a student about $3,820 per term if food is included. To contrast, the most average fraternity cost per term including meal plan is around $2,750. This may be a viable option for students to save money if the student is able to break their housing contract with University Housing. Students looking to move out during their freshmen year should research fraternities that participate in the Affiliated Housing Program.

 Chapter Termly Live-In Cost ($) (Includes Meals & Membership Dues if Applicable) Termly Live-Out Cost ($) Meal Plan ($) (For members not living in fraternity house)
Acacia 2765 465 Meals Included
Alpha Epsilon Pi Unhoused   Unhoused
Alpha Sigma Phi Unhoused   Unhoused
Alpha Tau Omega      
Beta Theta Pi Unhoused  450 Unhoused
Delta Chi      
Delta Tau Delta Unhoused    
Farmhouse Unhoused  200 Unhoused
Delta Upsilon      
Kappa Sigma      
Lambda Chi Alpha 2215 450 425 (Lunch & Dinner) , 225 (Lunch or Dinner)
Phi Delta Theta 2585  885 Meals Included
Phi Gamma Delta  2350  400  
Phi Kappa Psi  2920  365  950 (Lunch & Dinner) , 475 (Lunch or Dinner)
Pi Kappa Alpha  1675  375  N/A
Pi Kappa Phi  2610  360  

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Chi 2720 320  
Sigma Nu 675/month  430/term 125 (Monday Night Only)
Sigma Phi Epsilon 2800 400 650
Sigma Pi 2295 558 225
Theta Chi 2550 400 300
  Termly Live-In Cost ($) Termly Live-Out Cost ($) Termly Live-Out Cost (Including Food Plan) ($)
Average $2413 $415 Varies

School Related Expenses

Because of the size of fraternities relative to other student organizations, there is almost always at least one member in your major. Often you will be able to share books or borrow books from members who already took your classes. Your brothers will be very supportive of your academics and will be availible for tutoring. The more help you get, the better you will do in classes. This will reduce the number of classes that will need to be retaken and therefore save money over time.