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Make PLANS for your future and join IFC

Joining an IFC Chapter allows you to make PLANS for your future:

  • Philanthropy - Greeks strive to take part in as many philanthropic activities as possible both nationally and locally.
  • Leadership - IFC Men have the opportunity to acquire leadership skills and gain real-world experience while attending Oregon State University. 
  • Academics - Excelling academically is the top priority of all Greek Chapters at OSU. Fraternities strive to exceed the all-men's average each term at Oregon State.
  • Networking - With over 25,000 students at OSU, it's important to have a network to back you up. Going Greek gives you an instantaneous network of over 3,000 students active at Oregon State, along with the legions of Greek Alumni at OSU and across the country!
  • Service - Fraternity men consistently have the opportunity to give back to their community through a variety of service opportunities with their chapter and the community at large.

General FAQs

By joining an IFC Fraternity at Oregon State, you can have the opportunity to find your home away from home; they can also assist you in academics, encourage you to stay active in student organizations/service to the community, create strong support networks, help in your personal development, and give you friendships that last a lifetime.

Each fraternity has an organization they give to on a national level, and at least one organization they give to locally. Each year, over $250,000 is donated by the Greek community as a whole.

Members of the IFC community can take part in other organizations' philanthropic events year-round in addition to creating and running their own philanthropy event. There are many types of philanthropies as well; sports tournaments, pageants, and competitions are just a few that the IFC of Oregon State has to offer.

IFC Chapters give their members various opportunities to gain skills that are used even after graduation. These opportunities include leadership retreats, networking events, and national conferences. Additionally, each chapter has unique positions that can be held that give students responsibilities in the fraternity.

Positions can include but are not limited to President, Vice President, Committee Chairs, or Coordinators for specific chapter events. Each Chapter is run differently so some may include positions that other Chapters do not. Fraternity members also have opportunities to get involved with campus positions such as delegates of the ASOSU Senate and House of Representatives, ASOSU President and Vice President, MUPC Directors, and even the President of the MU.

Academics are a priority in the Greek Community. When students join, they become part of a larger group of students who value their academic goals at OSU. Older members understand what the new member is facing and can provide support in many areas. Each chapter on campus has a scholarship officer who initiates programs within the chapter to encourage high academic achievement. There are various resources for members on campus such as time management workshops, academic advisors, the career center, etc. Additionally, Chapters offer class selection assistance, study tables, and quiet hours to further ensure academic success.

Every chapter has a minimum GPA for active membership, and programs are implemented within each chapter to ensure that members maintain that standard. In addition, each organization within the IFC Community strives to exceed the all-gender average - so fraternity men push themselves each and every term. See how we've done in the past few years (link).

The IFC Community is strongly against hazing; it is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If hazing is reported to the university or councils, it will be dealt with through the OSU student conduct process and the pertinent council's judicial process. To report a hazing incident, complete this Student Conduct and Community Standard's Reporting Form.

There really is no answer to that question! Each chapter appeals to people differently and you might click with people from each Chapter based on your specific interests. If you find a chapter that you really feel like you connect with, that chapter may be the best option for you!

The average size of an individual fraternity chapter is 67 men.

You always have the option to leave a fraternity if you decide it’s not right for you. This decreases the risk of going through the recruitment process, so feel free to join!

Recruitment FAQs

Basically, each Chapter holds recruitment events which are fun activities that members of the Fraternity all participate in together. Anybody is welcome to participate in these events, and if the recruitment chairs think you are a good fit for their Chapter, they will give you a bid.

Usually, each Chapter will have information about their recruitment chairmen and events on their Instagram page. You can also personally reach out to recruitment chairs if you are interested. Information about the recruitment chairman can also be found on the CFSL website under “Chapter Profiles”.

You can either choose to accept their offer or decline it. The choice is yours. If you choose to accept, you will begin their process of becoming a full-fledged member of the Chapter.