AKPsi Theta Chapter
Rush FAQs


What is AKPsi?

Alpha Kappa Psi is Professional Fraternity, whose purpose is developing well-trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful, experienced business leaders. AKPsi has unique blend of both the positives of a ‘professional' fraternity and a 'social' fraternity. This fraternity combines the brotherhood found in Greek life, while providing the prestige, reputation, and professional training that are sought after in the Business world. We are the oldest and largest business fraternity, and the only business fraternity to have active chapters overseas. Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the one of the premier, if not the premier, developer of business leaders at the college level. AKPsi isn't something to simply put on your résumé during college. What we offer is an experience that you will not find elsewhere. AKPsi offers a brotherhood that lasts a lifetime, memories to cherish, an edge above your peers, and networking that is unsurpassed. Alpha Kappa Psi is a fraternity for life. Here at Oregon State, we will build an organization synonymous with excellence, putting on professional, service, and social events of the highest caliber.

What is a professional fraternity?

A professional Fraternity is simply a fraternity that draws it members from a specific field or professional interest. They also have an added purpose to develop their membership in that field. However, on the most fundamental level, a professional fraternity is still a fraternity, based on brotherhood. Most professional fraternities (like Alpha Kappa Psi) have a very defined rush, pledge, and secret ritual, that all members take part in. Some of the more prominent professional fraternities (and sororities) include: Sigma Alpha Iota (Music Sorority), Beta Alpha Psi (Accounting and Finance), and Phi Alpha Delta (Law), Kappa Kappa Psi (Music Fraternity).

Why should I join a professional fraternity?

By bringing together people that share the same field and interests, and further developing their skills and talents in that field, they are able to capitalize on networking, professional development, and furthering every member’s careers and opportunities in that given field. Any recruiter will tell you, it's not what you've learned in a classroom that is important; it is your ability to apply that knowledge. A professional fraternity gives you an opportunity to assume leadership positions and to organize and coordinate events to demonstrate your ability to do just that. 

Who can join Alpha Kappa Psi?

All men and women in good standing enrolled at Oregon State University despite major or concentration. This is also open to any graduate students. However, to join, you must receive an invitation from the current Brothers, also called a 'Bid', and then complete 
our Pledge process favorably.

I am only a freshman. Can I still join?

Yes! Underclassman are highly encourage to join Alpha Kappa Psi due to the large amount of professional development skills that you can gain through membership. Even as a Freshman there are opportunities to participate and hold leadership positions within the Fraternity.

What is RUSH?

Rush is a series of events hosted by a Fraternity or Sorority to attract and recruit new members. Our Rush consists of Information Sessions, Professional Events, and Social Events. A person 'rushing' a fraternity or sorority is called a 'Potential New Member” or “PNB”.

There are a lot of RUSH events. What RUSH events should I go to?

You should try to attend one Information Session. This will be a good opportunity for you to hear what Alpha Kappa Psi is all about, and it will provide a chance for you to ask whatever questions you may have, and hear questions from other Potential New Members. After that, you should try to attend as many Social and Professional events as possible, so that you can get to meet the current Brothers, and they can get to meet you.

What is a 'Pledge'?

A pledge is a person who has accepted their bid, and undergone a ritual conducted by the fraternity. It is quite literally a 'promise' made by the individual to strive to become a full member of the Brotherhood.

Who does Alpha Kappa Psi look for?

We are looking for people of the highest caliber that will help this chapter achieve the high goals we have for ourselves. However, more importantly, we are looking for people we want to call 'Brothers.' That is not something easily found on a resume, GPA, etc.

If it’s a fraternity, how can it be co-ed?

Alpha Kappa Psi was founded as an all male fraternity in 1904, with one of their objectives being to help set up business schools at colleges (there were only 3 or 4 business schools in 1904). The Federal Government was more than happy to assist financially with AKPsi’s mission. In 1976, the Equal Rights in Education Act stated if you ever received federal funds, you could not discriminate on the basis of gender. Alpha Kappa Psi was more than willing to allow women into the fraternity not only for financial reasons but to further our growth as a leader in business development.

Is there a pledge process?

The pledge process lasts five weeks. In those five weeks you will plan events, learn about fraternal history and become more acquainted with the current members. 

Do you haze?

No. All pledge and brother activities are designed to build teamwork, trust, professional development, brotherhood, and most importantly, to make sure you have and know what is necessary to be a good brother.  It is our intention for everything a pledge and brother do be meaningful and help them prepare for the future.

Are there Dues?

Yes. Dues are currently $260 per year or $105 per term. Member Dues are only paid once you are an initiated member.

What are Pledge Dues?
The initial pledge program fee is $75 and the Initiation fee $105.These dues go to pay the Heritage Center for Pledge Fees, your Pledge Pin, and your Pledge Manual, which you will use throughout the entire pledge process. These fees are due at Induction and Initiation.

What do Dues include?

Dues will be fairly all encompassing for all intents and purposes. Dues will provide for:

  • National Fees & Insurance (the majority of dues is here)
  • Our Chapter Retreat
  • Other Events costs
  • Member Supplies (Member Binders, pledge pins, etc)
  • Chapter Supplies (Ritual materials, Rush materials, advertising, etc.)
  • Professional Activities costs.


What is an example of an AKPsi professional activity?

A professional activity is any event that develops one’s knowledge about business. 
This can include hosting a speaker, tours, discussion panels, or even job fairs. 
Does this mean that we’re going to have some accountant come talk to us in a monotone voice about something that no one could possibly care about? No.  
Some examples of professional activities that we have hosted:

·              A Company Tours

·              How to read and evaluate your credit score.

·              Investing for the future.

·              Interviewing skills, securing that job!

·              Choosing the right company for you.

·              Creating Career Confidence (In conjunction with the College of Business)

·              Career Fairs 

If you don't see an event that appeals to you, join us. That's one of the benefits of joining an evolving organization!

I am already a member of another Fraternity/Sorority. Can I still join?

Yes. Being that we are a professional fraternity, we do not compete with the social fraternities and sororities. In fact, there are no organizations at Oregon State that would bar you from being a member of this fraternity.

Why should I be a part of the Theta Chapter, when there are so many other organizations on campus?

 To put it simply, we are among one of the well-established organizations on campus.  
We have been around since 1969 and have proudly stayed strong.  While other groups unfortunately have faded away or suffered hard times with suspensions the Theta Chapter has ran strong and kept a degree of Integrity that is at the core of what we do.  By joining you would enter yourself into a long history of prestige.  Alpha Kappa Psi carefully crafts their functions to provide skills for securing a job in the future.  
This is further helped by our 35+ years of alumni already in the business world who would rather hire a brother than someone who they don’t know about. AKPsi develops future business leaders who are the brightest, creative, and capable people that businesses could hope to acquire.

This FAQ didn't answer any of my questions. What do I do now?

Easy. Email Alpha Kappa Psi at [email protected]