2011-2012 Executive Board
Name Position Year Major E-mail Why Did You Join AKPsi?
Timothy Stowell President Senior Communications stowellt@onid.orst.edu I joined Alpha Kappa Psi to network more with different majors, to learn more about different business skills, and to be around people who are interested in the same things as me. 
Erica Hohlt VP Administration Senior Marketing hohlte@onid.orst.edu Exposure to career and network opportunities and to meet new people.
Megan Hamblen VP Membership Junior Engineering me.hamblen@gmail.com To expand my knowledge of the business world and increase my resume/interviewing skills
Brian Dihn VP Finance Sophomore Finance    
Haley Fletcher VP Communications Senior Communications fletchha@onid.orst.edu I was a transfer student looking to meet new people and get more involved with the school.
Ashley Wolff VP Alumni Relations Sophomore Management wolffas@onid.orst.edu I joined AKPsi because I was looking for a group that shared my goals and ideals. People like me who cared about professionalism and wanted to learn more about the business world. I also wanted the opportunity to hold office and challenge myself, and to make lifelong friends.  I've found all these things and more, and can't wait to see what AKPsi hold for me in the future.         
Kathleen Edwards Master of Rituals   Entrepreneurship edwardka@onid.orst.edu To gain valuable leadership experience and give back to my college and community.