Alpha Kappa Psi is Professional Fraternity, whose purpose is developing well-trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful, experienced business leaders. AKPsi has unique blend of both the positives of a ‘professional' fraternity and a 'social' fraternity.

This fraternity combines the brotherhood found in Greek life, while providing the prestige, reputation, and professional training that are sought after in the Business world. We are the oldest and largest professional business fraternity, and the only business fraternity to have active chapters overseas. Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the one of the premier, if not the premier, developer of business leaders at the college level.

AKPsi isn't something to simply put on your résumé during college. What we offer is an
experience that you will not find elsewhere. AKPsi offers a brotherhood that lasts a lifetime, memories to cherish, an edge above your peers, and networking that is unsurpassed. Alpha Kappa Psi is a fraternity for life.

Here at Oregon State, we will build an organization synonymous with excellence, putting on professional, service, and social events of the highest caliber.