Who is W7OSU?

We are an organization for OSU community members who are, or wish to become licensed amateur radio operators.  We especially welcome those who are interested in learning more about amateur radio!

What does W7OSU do?

We maintain a club station packed with cool ham radio gear, including a Kenwood TS-450S for HF and a Kenwood TM-V71 for VHF/UHF.  We have quite the QSL card collection, some of which is on display at the station.

We also maintain two repeaters:

  1. a VHF repeater on 147.160+ (PL 100Hz) located on Vineyard Mountain in McDonald Forest north of Corvallis.
  2. a UHF repeater on 443.050+ (PL 100Hz) located on campus.

Where is W7OSU located?

The club station is in Snell Hall 229.

When does W7OSU meet?

We meet every Friday during the term.  General Meetings are at 1630 (4:30pm) on Discord. Here is the link.

Bi-Weekly Net?

W7OSU doesn't currently host a net, as some important members are inundated with RFI and cannot join. Instead, we use Discord. There is a local group that holds a net on the Vineyard Mountain Repeater. They meet every Tuesday at 7:30pm.

How can W7OSU be contacted?

The best way to contact us is via email at [email protected].  QSL cards can be sent to OSU Amateur Radio Club, 229 Snell Hall, Oregon State University, Corvallis OR 97331.