The Oregon State University Pre-Law Society is a student run organization with the goal of helping students in their progress towards attending law school and in pursuing a career in the field of law. Our focus is to provide essential resources for students who are interested in law that will help them specifically prepare their law school applications, expectations of law school and possible future careers in a legal field.

Examples of some of these resources are:

• Quarterly free Kaplan sponsored LSAT practice tests 

• Workshops on the different aspects of law school applications 

• Regular visits from Admissions Officers from local law schools

• Law school student forums

• Networking/Speaking events with current legal professionals

• Mock Trial participation in order to develop knowledge and skills related to trial procedures


Preparing for law school can be an arduous and daunting task when surrounded by uncertainty and when lacking the necessary support. We at the Pre-Law Society strongly believe in the philosophy that knowledge is power and we are dedicated to supplying our members with the proper education to make them as prepared as possible for their journey on to law school. 

If you are interested in hearing from lawyers, meeting judges, and receiving advice from enthusiastic faculty, join today!

We are always looking to grow! Any advice would be welcomed, please fill out this poll to help with our expansion!