We are the Brothers of Omega Delta Phi at Oregon State University. Our main purpose is to serve the University, the city of Corvallis, and surrounding communities. The Alpha Theta Knights strive to maintain a tight Brotherhood through social bonds and guide our Brothers to achieve not only academic success but social success as well.

Omega Delta Phi is one of the fastest growing and youngest service/social multicultural fraternities in the nation. It was founded by Seven Men of Vision on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. ODPhi is following its vision of becoming the largest multicultural fraternity dedicated to serving the community. Our slogan, "One Culture, Any Race" demonstrates our commitment to diversity and our active brothers serve as proof.

The Fraternity has grown to represent all types of races and not any particular one, which is exactly the vision the Seven Founders had hoped it would evolve to. With this evolution, the opportunity to expand and affect the lives of various people has been a great benefit to our fraternity and the individuals we have helped.