Though many of our chapters do not require you to major in that area of study, they do want you to have a strong interest in it. The only chapter that requires you to be in the field of study is Phi Sigma Rho, which is an engineering-based sorority.

  • Chapters will often do informational sessions or attend classes within their college of interest to give information about their chapters. They also attend the CGC meet and greet, which allows them to connect with students.

  • CGC chapters will hold recruitment events over a period of 1-2 weeks, which are informal and free to attend.

All chapters hold recruitment during Fall Term. Please see individual chapter pages and social media accounts for more information about winter and spring recruitment as it is up to the individual chapter to decide on these recruitment times.

Membership fees can range anywhere from $85-$200. These dues are collected each term and new members might have to pay additional new membership fees to cover the cost of recruitment and new member materials.

The answer to that question is up to you. As many chapters throughout the OSU community hold similar values and qualities, they are all different. Before joining, look at other councils and chapter values, and see how they best fit who you are. The CGC offers a unique experience in the OSU community and is unlike other experiences but the same can be said about chapters in the Panhellenic Council (PHC), National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), and Multicultural Greek Council (MGC).

The CGC is unique as it offers you a place to find those strong connections in your field of study or interest. You are able to connect with sisters, receive academic support from sisters who are in the same major as you, build strong connections within your respective major, and so much more.  

Hazing is never permitted in any of our CGC chapters or the OSU Greek community. Oregon State University, CGC, IFC, MGC, NPHC, and PHC all agree that hazing is unacceptable in the Greek Community. If hazing is reported to the university or councils, it will be dealt with through the OSU student conduct process and the pertinent council's judicial process.

To report a hazing incident, complete this Student Conduct and Community Standard's Reporting Form.

The CGC chapters try to participate in as many other councils and chapter activities as possible. CGC chapters will have social events with chapters of different councils, participate in their philanthropies, and partner with those chapters for activities like All-University Sing and Greek Week.