Welcome to the undergrad Artificial Intelligence Club!

Club Meetings for Winter 2023 will be Wednesday's 6:00-7:20pm in Kelley Engineering Center 1001, starting Week 2. Join our Discord for updates!

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Current Projects

The undergraduate Artificial Intelligence Club will be hosting a Kaggle competition for Sentiment Analysis within the club for Fall 2022. Join the Discord to get involved or learn more information!







Upcoming Events

We currently have no events scheduled. Artificial Intelligence faculty frequently host guest speakers from various backgrounds. Feel free to check out these events and attend any that interest you! Updates will be coming soon!

Dr. Stefan Lee

Dr. Stefan Lee is the current faculty advisor for the undergraduate Artificial Intelligence Club. Their research focuses on creating agents that can perceive their environment and communicate this with humans.  


But what is a neural network? | Chapter 1, Deep learning



The MTH 34x series is very helpful for learning linear algebra. 3Blue1Brown has a very nice preview video of linear algebra to help get started in addition to a short series.