Welcome to the Webpage of Swing Club at OSU!

Swing Club at OSU is a student-run organization bringing swing social dance styles such as Lindy Hop and Charleston to OSU. The club is open to all students who are interested in learning or practicing these styles, regardless of experience levels. Our dances typically start with an hour-long beginner lesson followed by an open social dance. No partner is needed to participate. Come join us and let's swing out together!

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What is Swing Dance?

Swing dancing is a broad term used to refer to a number of different dances that developed during the late 1920s and 1930s in the U.S. These dances originated from vernacular African-American dances and are danced to swing jazz music. The term “swing dance” is sometimes used to refer to other dances that have similar origins and/or influences, such as West Coast Swing and Jive. Notable figures who helped shape swing into what it is today include--but are certainly not limited to--Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Al Minns, Willa Mae Ricker, and Leon James.

At Swing Club at OSU, we focus on dance styles that emerged before and during the swing era of the 1930s and 40s. Examples include Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and St. Louis Shag.



OSU also offers swing dance classes through the PAC department! Available to take for-credit and non-credit.

PAC 158: Beginning Swing: Introduction to single time, double time, and triple time (jitterbug) swing; variations for each style, covering most swing music rhythms. Emphasizes fundamentals of leading and following.

PAC  167: Lindy Hop: Ballroom dance style based on original eight-count swing dance evolved in Harlem ballrooms during the late 1920s; styling emphasized. No experience necessary. PAC 158/159 Pre-reqs no longer required.