(April 2015; after a home win against the Oregon Ducks)

About Us

The Oregon State Women's Lacrosse Team was founded in 1999 and has been growing and thriving ever since. In 2012 we gained coach, Melissa Aukerman, who increased our level of play with her 25+ years of lacrosse experience. During our 2013-2014 season we won our first ever league championship and earned a bid to the National Tournament in Virginia Beach. While we didn't win the tournament, we took home the WCLA Jenn Eames Team Award and lacrosse experience we could pass down through our team for years to come. 

We are always looking for new, talented and dedicated members to join our team. We offer a fun, hardworking atmosphere, opportunities for leadership positions and always encourage members to build upon their skills of team work, dedication, time management, professionalism, and commitment. 

Our season starts week two of fall term, with practices being two hours long and three days a week. We end our fall season with an annual round robin tournament to have fun and prepare for our regular season. Practices start up again week one of winter term, still two hours long but now four days a week. During winter term we have weekend tournaments usually every other weekend. This continues on into the first few weeks of spring term, when our season officially ends.