James Kelley (ARMY)

I was an Army veteran with 1-5 field artillery as a field artilleryman (13B).I Changed my MOS to become a field medic (91B) and was stationed with 2-2 infantry in Vilseck, Germany. While serving as a platoon medic I deployed to Kosovo for KFOR1 helping to insure equal medical treatment was given to both Albanians and Serbs in the Gjilani hospital ER in southern Kosovo. After Germany I had a break in service and became a general contractor in southern california building residential homes in and around Laguna Beach.  I joined the National Guard 1-160 Infantry where I re-classed to my 3rd MOS Forward Observer (13F). I deployed to Iraq in 2008 where I served as an Operations NCO and assistant Convoy Commander. Currently I’m a senior working on my B.S. in Marine Biology. During my time at Oregon State I have worked with the College of Fish and Wildlife looking at Carbon Sinks in Estuaries, and have Investigated Seagrass Wasting disease. Currently I’m working with the College of Earth, Atmosphere, and Oceanography Studying the morphology of Foraminifera in deep ocean sediments by creating 3d models using micro CT scans.