The Triathlon Club reimburses active members who have volunteered at a club event.

To be considered an active member, you must have paid the current years dues, and signed a waiver. A copy of the waiver is available to sign online here (near bottom of page). 

You must volunteer at both the Beaver Fever and the Beaver Freezer to be eligible for reimbursements. If you can not personally volunteer at one of the events, you are required to provide two volunteers to take your place. If you missed the Fever, you and 2 volunteers can work at the Freezer to cover your Fever requirements. If you are going to miss the Freezer, your volunteers must volunteer at the Freezer (not the Fever).

As an active member, you are eligible to be reimbursed for the club races listed with an asterisk on the race page. The more you give to the club, the more races you become eligible for reimbursements:

Dues only = practice only

Dues AND

  • Freezer = practice, all non-travel club races reimbursed (labeled with * on race page)
  • Freezer + Fever = practice, all club races reimbursed, sponsorship deals, eligible for nationals
  • Freezer + Fever + Coordinator or addition 10 volunteer hours = above + reduced kit
  • Freezer + Fever + Officer = above + extra reimbursement money

To obtain your reimbursement you must:

  • Wear an Oregon State Triathlon Club Uniform during the race
  • Provide proof of your participation in the race. (Your finishing place and time are enough)
  • You MUST fill out the Doodle poll a minimum of 1 week before each race. The poll is sent out via the listserv
  • If your name is not on the doodle poll llist a week before the race, you are not eligible for reimbursement.

Other important notes: 

  • Relays are OK but ONLY members of the TriClub will be reimbursed
  • Details on how to sign up will be given during the spring term meeting.
  • YOU are responsible for getting yourself TO/FROM the race. We encourage carpool as much as possible. If enough members are involved in a race the club will rent a vehicle (free of charge to you) and will transport the group to and from the race.

As races do not provide refunds for any reason, the club cannot either. Whether you break your leg or have a family emergency, the club can not be responsible for reimbursing races and racing accommodations for people who do not show up.