The mission of the triathlon club is to promote participation in the sport of triathlon by providing a network of training and racing opportunities to OSU students and affiliates of ALL ability levels. In addition, we strive to keep the cost of participating as low as possible for students. We want to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through triathlon and keep the high costs associated with racing out of the equation. We believe that students should have full access to racing and training without the high price tag normally associated with racing. The cost is partially offset by our wonderful sponsors. In addition, we work very hard in raising enough money each year to make that mission a reality.


  • Nine optional practices a week, where you can train with a motivated group of peer athletes
  • A great chance to meet new people and connect over a shared passion for the sport of multisport
  • A low stress, safe, and positive environment for both new and experienced multisport athletes
  • Coaching and advising
  • Paid USAT Membership that allows you to race (most events are USAT sponsored and require this membership, which is a $50 value)
  • Clinics (specifics sent through the listserv)
  • Club race reimbursements and discounts on kits if you volunteer at the Beaver Freezer Triathlon
  • Triathlon club equipment at the sports club office (indoor trainers, wheel and bike cases, training videos, etc)
  • Travel and accommodations for travel races. See our race schedule page
  • Volunteer positions for the Beaver Freezer Triathlon and Beaver Fever Triathlon & Duathlon
  • National Competition! We send a team of our most dedicated members to Nationals each year, any active member is eligible regardless of speed, contact us for more information

Who can join?

You must have a valid Dixon Recreation Center membership. This means students, faculty, OSU affiliates, and community members can join as long as they have a valid membership.

Want to join? Check out the steps.

I want to join but...

We have coaches that can teach you how to swim. They are great! If you are still nervous in the water, there is also the option to race in duathlons, which only include the biking and the running legs of the race.

We are happy to have first timers come aboard! We will help you make a training plan and practice so you can complete your first race. There is also the option to do participate in relays with your friends or fellow teammates, or participate in a duathlon, aquabike, or aquathon, which only consists of two legs of a full triathlon. We will be doing practice triathlons throughout each term! You are welcome to come tri it out (pun intended)!

Come to spin class! No bikes are needed. Our spin coaches are great and are there to work hard and have a good time. Often, we have members with multiple bikes who may be willing to lend you one for a race if needed. Plus, there is always the option to pair up with a buddy or two and do a relay.

We work hard to fundraise enough money to pay for your races. Check out our race page to see all the local races you can do!

Practices are optional. If you can't make the times we have set, you can work out whenever you do have time. Often, discord messages will be sent out for workouts at times other than the usually practice times. Feel free to reach out to find a workout buddy. The only major commitment we ask for is your time at the Beaver Freezer. That is approximately 7 hours on a Saturday in April. (See the race page for more information on the race dates).

That is alright, you can still join the club and not race! Come to practices, meet some new workout buddies, volunteer at the Freezer. We are still happy to have you and it give you a chance to work out alongside motivated athletes! Then there is always the option to change your mind after you get into training. :)