At OSU, the Department of Recreational Sports provides a platform for student sports clubs.

The Tri Club is a member of the department of recreational sports, and is a student run organization. Each year we put on two multi-sport races as fundraisers which enable us to sponsor our athletes. The club is able to pay for coaching, travel and race entry fees for our members.

The club was founded in the Spring of 1987. It was the first and only collegiate triathlon club in the entire Pacific Northwest until 1992. It has since grown and been voted best sports club for many years in a row.

Our team consists of Students, Alumni, and Faculty of Oregon State University. We are also friends with alumni, local residents, businesses, and the OSU running and cycling clubs.

We train, race, and most importantly, have fun together! Members coordinate workouts for swimming, cycling, and running and most workouts are free and open to anyone who shows up.

We are a fun friendly group of triathletes. We have members with all experience levels. We have some who have never done a race, while others have competed in Ironman Hawaii world championships! (And every level in between). Some are even professionals! There is an unlimited amount knowledge of the sport, and some many people, it's a sure thing you will find someone just like you and someone who has the answers to even your most difficult multi-sport question.