We love to eat and we love to dance away all the food we ate!

Don't know where to eat, we make it just a bit easier for you. Not only do we have fundraisers at local's favorites like; Buffalo Wild Wings, Cheesy Stuffed Burgers, Tacos el Machin, we even bring the deals to you like pan dulce and Chocolate de Abuelita in quad! 

We not only have the food hook-ups but we also got you set on breaking a sweat.

Every term we have dancing workshops followed by social dancing that includes: bachata, merengue & salsa.

Don't like the one on one, don't worry, we also have Zumba classes that get so fun you forget the time. 

After coming home from a great workout, we don't want your room to smell like the aftermath so we also have you set with Yankee Candles. 

We make events for you, help us transform the lives of minorities in STEM, support us with a bite and a dance, you won't regret it!


For more information about our fundraisers visit our Facebook or Instagram or check out our calender for upcoming fundraisers here