Hill's College Feeding Program:

  • Students get 50% off wholesale price, for up to 120 lbs/month. 
    • $0.25 per lb of food goes to SCAVMA to support OSU CCVM clubs and activities!
  • For home deliveries, your first order each month qualifies for $2 shipping/item!
  • Get FREE shipping on your food orders when choosing the "SHIP TO COLLEGE" option! (available to students only)
  • Optional Auto-ship for recurring orders.
How Enroll/Use 
  • Enroll electronically at www.HillsVet.com/VIP-Market
    • For detailed instructions for setting up an account, see here
    • A Hill's Rep will approve your enrollment and then you can order food!
      • For ordering a prescription diet, send a copy or photo of the script to our email, clearly showing the 1) Name, 2) Product, 3) Date written.
      • We must have a script on file to approve an order of RX food!
  • After you have enrolled you can order/pay online (via paypal or credit/debit) and food will be delivered to the Vet Food Barn the following week, or shipped to the requested address.

Hill's Vet Food Barn Hours:

  • Thursdays 12:00-12:45p
  • Can't make it during those hours? Contact us!

Vet Food Barn Location:

  • When walking from Magruder Hall
    • Head North on 30th, make a left on SW Washington, and turn right on the second street
  • The barn is a small brown building on the left side behind the larger tan vet school barn, labeled "Vet Food Barn"








Have questions? Ask a Hill's Rep!

Email us at [email protected]

Your Hill's Student Representatives:

  • Kenzie Stager c/o 2024
  • Kat Murphy c/o 2025