Pistol Club/Team History:

The Oregon State University Pistol Team was founded in 1948. Since its founding, it has become one of the largest student run sport clubs OSU has to offer under the Department of Recreational Sports. The Pistol and Rifle clubs are separate but we share the same facility.

Oregon State University is the only university in Oregon to have a competitive shooting team, let alone multiple teams, and a firing range of their own. These teams compete on a regular basis with huge success year after year. The training of students, faculty, and staff in basic marksmanship, fundamentals of firearm handling and safety, and responsible firearms use has resulted in a perfect safety record, as well as growing membership year after year.

Indoor Target Range History:

The Oregon State University Indoor Target Range has existed for the better part of a century. The building was first constructed as the college's heating power plant in 1909-10 and was then converted into a target range shortly after the adjacent heat plant was constructed in 1923. The building is currently listed as historic on the OSU preservation list. The range is overseen by Navy ROTC and Facilities Services. The range has been home for the OSU Rifle team and OSU Pistol team since 1944 and 1948 respectively.

For the full detailed history of the target range itself, click here for the history page on the Oregon State Rifle Club website:  http://www.osurifle.com/history-of-the-range.html