Anderson & Keeling Memorial Target Range Closing Update

OSU Pistol Club, OSU Rifle Club, Benton County 4-H and community members,

Thank you to everyone who submitted letters of support for the Anderson & Keeling Memorial Target Range at Oregon State University (OSU). We ended up receiving 75 supporting letters to include with our letter to the OSU President. As a result of those letters, we met with OSU administration to discuss the target range decision and the needs/concerns of the target range users.

Unfortunately, the final decision is to close the Anderson & Keeling Memorial Target Range. While we are disappointed with the outcome to permanently close the facility, we understand the university's decision regarding priorities of funding/location. We appreciate university administration's willingness listen to our concerns regarding the target range and the groups that use it.

We again thank everyone who has supported the shooting clubs at OSU and 4-H during this decision process. While our time at the campus target range has come to an end, OSU Pistol Club and OSU Rifle Club will continue. We are working to determine details for transitioning practice off campus to Albany Rifle and Pistol Club in Shedd, OR. RecSports and the university are assisting us in this transition which will result in significant changes in how the clubs and competitive teams meet/practice. We will also be working to document and preserve the 97 year history of the indoor target range before vacate the facility.

We will continue to work with the university to explore options for long term operation of the shooting clubs at OSU.