Here are the official dates for training and at the range practice for the remainder of spring term 2022. 
NOTE:  On campus training must be successfully completed first! Sign-ups for motor pool van travel will be done at the end of training (space is limited).

Cost for participation will be $15 which includes up to 2 boxes of ammunition at the range.

Training dates, Wednesdays 5pm (approx 2 hours depending on number of people).
Location:  McAlexander Fieldhouse Classroom
Thursday May 5 (priority for students who cannot make Wednesday trainings)
Wednesday May 11
Wednesday May 18
Wednesday May 25
Wednesday June 1

Range practice at Albany Rifle and Pistol Club, Fridays 5:30pm until 9pm (or when all participants are done shooting). Motor pool shuttle will leave campus no later than 5pm.
NOTE:  Final training will occur before we open the range for the evening. You must also sign up for range practice so we know who and how many students to expect.
Friday May 6
Friday May 13
Friday May 20
Friday May 27
Friday June 3

Please bear with us as we get the club back up and running. We will be evaluating and adjusting how operations go for the first few sessions. We cannot train everyone the first training session, but we'll work to train as many people as possible.
Questions? Please email:  [email protected]