Merger Announcement:
With the closing of the OSU Corvallis campus target range, we've had a number of challenges to get the clubs practicing again. As a part of the process of moving practices off campus, we have been reviewing the operations of both clubs. We are not just looking at immediate changes, but the long-term success of shooting disciplines at OSU.

The leadership of both clubs have made the decision to merge OSU Pistol Club and OSU Rifle Club into a new combined shooting sports club. This will allow the clubs to more easily share equipment and resources. Combining the leadership roles of both clubs will help alleviate the challenges of club operations. This merger will also open up the potential for additional shooting disciplines to be offered as activities to OSU students through the new club.

We will be announcing more specific details of the club merger soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please email:  [email protected]

OSU Pistol Club Leadership
OSU Rifle Club Leadership