The Philosophy Club at Oregon State University seeks to cultivate a love of wisdom through shared community and conversation. We value providing a space for all voices and perspectives to be represented and encourage a spirit of contemplation– for as Socrates once said: “the unexamined life is not worth living." We are also always looking for opportunities to put our philosophical revelations to good use by organizing events on campus or providing information that might help to improve the OSU community. Learn more about our special events, general meetings, and club below!




  • Our Philosophy Conference was an overwhelming success! On May 4th, the Philosophy Club at OSU council hosted our first Philosophy Conference which featured grad and undergrad speakers from across the region with a Keynote from Maurice Hamington, a Professor of Philosophy and Affiliate Faculty of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Portland State University. The conference was well received by presenters and attendees alike-- we hope that this conference sets a precedence of prestige for the Philosophy Club for years to come.


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  • The club has grown a substantial amount-- from a year of relative inactivity to a strong consistent attendance from students and community members alike, the 2024 - 2025 academic year will bring interesting new topics, collaborations, and special series! Interested in joining the council? Find our contact info at the bottom of the page!


  • After a long and productive year, our core council members have been recognized by the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion:
    • Sam Groetsch, President Matchette Award for the Best Undergraduate Essay Peter C. List Award for Excellence in the Study of Philosophy
    • Elizabeth Nguyen, Vice President Tony Vogt Outstanding Service Award 
    • Zach Martin, Secretary Thomas & Margaret Meehan History Award


General Meetings

Spring Term Meeting Schedule

Thursdays | Odd Weeks | 6:00PM-7:30PM | Locations Below (Look for the Philosophy Club Sign!)

Week Information Topic Location
2 Wednesday | April 10, 2024 | 6:00PM-7:30PM Indigenous Ontologies MU 215: Thought Lab
3 Thursday | April 18, 2024 Philosophy of the Comic MU 211
5 Thursday | May 2, 2024 Ethics of Identity MU 221: Jack Porter Conference Room
7 Thursday | May 16, 2024 Philosophy of Leisure MU 213: Pan-African Sanfoka
9 Thursday | May 30, 2024 End of Term Social TBD
What Can You Expect?

Our club meetings cover a variety of topics that fall under the large umbrella of the field we call “philosophy” and are determined based on members’ interests. Generally, philosophy stems into a few main branches: Ethics (the study of morality, what is right and wrong), Epistemology (the study of knowledge, what it is, how it’s acquired), Metaphysics (the study of the fundamental nature of reality), Aesthetics (the study of beauty), Logic (the study of types of logic, logic systems), Political Philosophy (the study of governments, public agents, institutions, and more), and Axiology (the study of values)-- and the amazing thing is that most conversation topics more or less fall into these categories! Members are encouraged to voice discussion topic ideas and interests, and are more than welcome to reach out to the philosophy club council for any ideas/questions/concerns. 

Past discussion topics have included: Ethics and Morality, Existence and Reality, Philosophy and Education, Science and Society, AI and consciousness.

Our meetings may not always follow the same format, however, our general meetings will revolve around a conversation determined by the previous meeting’s attendants. In addition to big/small group discussions, meetings may also involve speaker events, group movies/readings, and social events!

About the Club

The purpose of the Philosophy Club, as according to our constitution, shall be to cultivate a love of wisdom, to examine and discuss philosophy and to highlight its importance in contemporary life and society, to promote philosophy as a subject in which to earn a major, minor, or other qualifications, to encourage students outside of the department to take philosophy classes, to create opportunities for students pursuing an education in philosophy, to bridge the gap for students interested in philosophy and studying outside the department, to explore and expand our ways of thinking even deeper, regardless of skill or experience, to connect ideas in philosophy to other areas of student life in meaningful ways, and cultivate a community around the subject of philosophy.

Philosophy Club is a Recognized Student Organization of Oregon State University,  associated with the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion.

**While enrolled, active student members retain the right to vote. The Philosophy Club welcomes students, faculty, and community members of all walks of life. 

2023 - 2024 Student Council
  • Sam Groetsch, President
    • Undergrad (2025) in Bioengineering/Philosophy
  • Elizabeth Nguyen, Vice President
    • Undergrad (2025) in Philosophy/Education, General English Studies Minor
  • Zach Martin, Secretary
    • Undergrad (2025) in History, Philosophy/Religious Studies Minor
  • Maia Barnes, Lead Officer
    • Undergrad (2025) in Political Science, Indigenous Studies/Philosophy Minor
  • Trinity Chernoff, Lead Officer
    • Undergrad (2026) in Natural Resources, Marine Biology & Ecology/Philosophy Minor
  • Taina Landuren, Lead Officer
    • Undergrad (2027) in Philosophy/Political Science, Business Minor
  • Michael Moran-Kay, Lead Officer
    • Postdoc (2024)/Masters in Applied Ethics


Stay in Touch or Get Involved!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/philosophyclubosu/

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