Registration for Fall Formal Recruitment 2021 opens May 1st! Click this link to register

Recruitment Information

Recruitment is an important part of the Panhellenic experience at OSU. It is how we grow and thrive as organizations. We are excited you are intersted in joining our community!

Formal Recruitment takes place at the start of Fall Term and is the only opportunity to meet all 11 chapters as many will be full for the rest of the academic year.

Formal Recruitment is an exciting and fun process that help you learn more about sorority life at OSU and help you find your home away from home. 


Learn about Formal Recruitment

Informal Recruitment or Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is a more informal style of recruitment that some chapters will hold during Winter or Spring Term.

Only chapters that have open spots for new members will participate so we recommend that, if possible, you participate in Formal Recruitment first! 


Learn about Informal Recruitment

Questions about Panhellenic recruitment? Contact the VP of Recruitment Olivia Ditmore at [email protected]!