Maxwell Russel

Council Seat South

Any pronouns

Maxwell is an astrophysics student and founding member of the Pagan Student Association from 2018. As an animist, Maxwell finds divinity and meaning in natural phenomena—especially in rain, wind, trees, moss, and stars. Maxwell also has a fondness for candles.

Zane Yinger

Council Seat East


Zane is a fourth-year ethno-botany major and has served on the PSA council for two years. They are a pagan witch who focuses on divination, meditation, communion with plants, wildcrafting, trance work, and deity work.

Ari Sanchez

Council Seat North


Ari is a fourth-year biology major with premed option and a chem minor. They have served on the PSA coucil for two years. Her practice is mainly eclectic, with deity work, music, and crafting as the foci.

Lani O'Neill

Council Seat West


Lani is a fourth-year student in the graphic design professional program, and they have served on the PSA council for two years. Lani is an eclectic pagan with emphasis on Irish Celtic heritage, divination, and ocean veneration.