The Global Investment Research Challenge (GIRC) is an annual international competition. Each school is designated a company to reveiw and produces a report to buy, hold, or sell the respective company. The competition is divided into three stages: regional, national, and international. The OSU Investment Group first presents its report to a panel of judges in Portland for the regional leg of the compeition. The regional competition consists of OSU, Univeristy of Oregon, University of Portland, Portland State University, and Washing State - Vancouver. The winner of the regional stage then progresses to the national competition which will be held in Denver, CO for 2013. The winner of the national competition advances to the international competition which will be held in Bangkok in 2013. More information can be found at the CFA Institute's website.

This year's team includes:

  • Jordan Hopper - Team Captain
  • Andrew Luckman
  • Emily Durr
  • Van Wong
  • Nelson Ribeirinho
The faculty advisor is Prem Mathew
This year's company being anlayzed is Umpqua Bank