Our Mission:

We at the OSU WCS Club have set out to improve Oregon State University through West Coast Swing dancing, both to improve the quality of life for our students and to bring the University, the City of Corvallis, and Oregon as a whole closer together.

Our Goal:

We at the OSU WCS Club have made our goal to improve the quality and quantity of West Coast Swing dancing here at Oregon State University.

Our Message:

We at the OSU WCS Club believe that people can improve their lives through both social and competative dancing.  It doesn't matter if you think you can't dance, because with enough time, patience, and friends to help you, anyone can be good enough at dancing to enjoy it with their friends.

We encourage everyone to try their best and have fun.  This is dancing after all!

If You need directions to our priamry dance location in Room 116 of the Women's Building, OSU Main Campus, Corvallis, OR 97331, try using this map: