Here are a list of WCS dancing events in Corvallis:

OSU West Coast Swing Club:

Every Wednesday night our club hosts two open-to-all free events:From 7:00pm to 8:00pm in the lobby of the Women's Building, on OSU's main campus in Corvallis, we are haveing workshop-style lessons.  You need to know at least your 5 basic patterns: sugar push, left side pass, right side pass, whip, and tuck. We will NOT be teaching new patterns - we will be working on musicality, technique, timing, dancing TO the music, playing within the dance, etc. We want to help you improve what you can do with what you already know! A fantastic dance at any level is possible with just these 5 patterns!!! These classes will be very individualized with lots of one on one help from the 3 instructors each week and will give feedback both from a partner's perspective in social dancing, and if desired, from a potential competition aspect as well. These lessons can absolutely be tailored to what YOU want to know, so please come join us and tell us what you want to learn and grow in!

From 10:00pm to 11:00 pm in Room 116 of the Women's Building, we have our open West Coast Swing Hour.  This hour is dedicated to west coast swing (and a bit of blues and blues fusion) music and is just open social dancing.