All Officers are responsible to:        

  • Take initiative to be active in events
  • Motivate
  • Assist in setting goals
  • Prepare for new officer transition
  • Maintain officer notebook and Dropbox
  • Attend all officer and general meetings
  • Perform all duties as assigned
  • Support other officers in tasks as needed
  • Take photos
  • Constitution/bylaws  
  • Nominate 1 officer and 1 member to serve as the AND Student Liaisons


  • Provide leadership
  • Build membership
  • Encourage participation
  • Administrative responsibilities –hold meetings, reserve rooms
  • Head officer elections
  • Set goals
  • Prepare agendas
  • Evaluate club progress
  • Train new officers
  • Resolve conflict
  • Correspond with faculty advisor
  • Delegate duties – assign committees as needed  
  • Facilitate and approve club events

Vice President

  • Preside in president’s absence
  • Assist president
  • Provide orientation to new members
  • Encourage participation
  • Build Membership (Beaver Fair, NUTR 104 & 407)
  • Supervise committees


  • Student Leadership Involvement Annual Registration due fall term, including Risk Assessment
  • Resubmit the Club Constitution every 3 years, or when amended, to Student Leadership & Involvement
  • Register Oregon State Nutrition and Dietetics Club with Student Leadership & Involvement annually
  • Record and provide copies of minutes within one week
  • Supply web master with minutes
  • In charge of creating and distributing member awards
  • Collaborate with the Treasurer to create fundraising events and/or grant writing


  • Collect dues and fees
  • Maintain club roster
  • Pay bills promptly
  • Keep financial records
  • Inform club of financial status
  • Deposit dues and fees
  • Handle reimbursement
  • Maintain lists of committee members
  • Take attendance
  • Collaborate with the Secretary to create fundraising events and/or grant writing

Public Relations

  • Prepare club bulletin board-including pictures and announcements
  • Assist in advertising, and promoting events- Flyers, Posters
  • Build membership – Beaver Fair, Recruitment, NUTR 104 and 407
  • Establish community relationships on and off campus

Web Master

  • Maintain club calendar on website
  • Maintain club website
  • Maintain listserv
  • Listserv emails about updates on website
  • Answer questions about joining NDC – forwarding questions to appropriate person
  • Assist in advertising events
  • Posting photos and relevant articles to the website