Our chapter does many activities on and off campus to promote our core values; service, scholarship, and leadership. 


Top Professor

This event is very near and dear to the hearts of our members. It is a chance for current members to recognize the huge impact that an OSU faculty member has made in their lives by inviting them to a spring dessert. At the event, each member speaks about why he/she chose his/her 'Top Prof' for the prestigious award and how this person has touched their lives.

Reading is Leading

Reading is Leading changes every year, depending on what the current members decide. It can include any event that promotes reading in youth.


At the Cap and Gown Chapter, we strongly encourage all of our members to participate in leadership roles both within as well as outside of the chapter. Many of our members hold leadership positions all over campus. This ranges from the president of a club to the captain of the volleyball team. The chapter itself is run by student members. All members are encouraged head their own teams to organize an event. This allows everyone to have the opportunity to be a leader of a group and plan one of our many service or social actives. Not only does this help members grow in their leadership abilities, it also brings members closer together as they work in many groups of people who share the same interests. 


The Cap and Gown Chapter at OSU participates in more service events than any other senior society on campus. Here are a few of our favorites:

Stone Soup

It has been a long-standing tradition here at the Cap and Gown Chapter to volunteer at our local soup kitchen, Stone Soup. We try to go at least a few times a term, if not more. 

Highway Cleanup

A few years ago, our chapter adopted a 1.5-mile stretch of highway just out side of Corvallis. One day per term, all the members go and help clean up the litter on our wee swath of highway to help keep Corvallis beautiful.

Cocoa in the Quad

This is a rather new event for us. We have a booth in the Memorial Union Quad during the cold months in Oregon and pass out free hot chocolate to freezing members of the OSU community.

Cocoa in the not so Quad, Fall 2015

Student Care Packages

Every term, our chapter makes study care packages for students and hands them out during midterms or finals week. These care packages include things like pencils, Post-its, treats, vitamin C and other studying essentials. 


Mortar Board Week

Each year, Mortar Board members commemorate the founding of Mortar Board on February 15, 1918, with Mortar Board Week. Mortar Board week is meant to not only raise awareness for the society and chapter, but it is also meant to promote the three principles of Mortar Board, which are leadership, service, and scholarship.

The cap and Gown Chapter at Oregon State University celebrates Mortar Board week in many ways. We often hold events, perform extra service activities, and hand out goodie bags to students.


We try to have many social events to promote team building. At our chapter, we believe that the stronger the community within our chapter, the better we can help the community outside of our chapter.


We try to keep fundraising rather simple so we can focus our efforts on bettering our community.

Flower Sales

Every June we sell beautiful flowers and leis at OSU's graduation ceremony. Not only is this a major part of our fundraising, but it is also fun.


Over the summer, our lovely chapter President designs and orders student planners to sell at the Campus Bookstore the following fall term. They are often in such high demand that the bookstore runs out within the first week or so they hit the shelves. Last year alone we sold over 1,300 copies.