Below is a calendar with currently planned, upcoming events! This will be updated as new events are added throughout the term :D




For a quick synopsis on some activities math club does, see below!


Meetings are a time for students to get together and hang out. Whether to talk about math or to have a study break, Math Club meetings are a great time to hang out with fellow nerds and get involved with the community!

Tech Tutorials

This term, various members of the community are leading tech-focused tutorials! These will be occurring on Mondays and cover everything from Latex to Matlab.

Student Seminars

This term we will be having Student Seminars, which are structured short (15 - 30 minute) student led conversations about math ideas at a student-accessible level. If you want to attend one, refer to the calendar above! If you would like to lead one, please reach out to club officers ASAP!

Game Nights

During Covid-19, we will be having game nights every Friday night as a chance to hang out with math friends in a low-stakes environment meant to chill out.


Math Club is involved with various competitions, both individual math contests and group efforts. Group competitions are sometimes fielded with volunteers from Math Club.


Math Club works to send members to various undergraduate conferences. This year, we will have several members attending a virtual Zoom conference!