All About Math Club

OSU Math Club was founded in 2005!

The Math Club works to:

  •  Provide, develop, and maintain a strong community of math lovers and math curious students at OSU.
  •  Engage in frequent and meaningful mathematics-related community outreach.
  •  Present its members with frequent and varied professional development opportunities.
  •  Provide for its members support in their mathematics coursework.

We support the Oregon State University mathematics community by helping the students and the professors connect at events such as SMURT, sponsor and organize exciting events like our undergraduate mini-conference NUMS, and do community outreach, helping local students at our schools. We also support the Putnam and Virginia Tech mathematics exam-competitions.

Not limited just to mathematics majors, we also do outreach in the university for students who are simply interested in mathematics, or for those who may not realize how mathematics or mathematical techniques are applicable in their majors. We have done some joint collaboration with other groups on campus like the SEEDS Ecology Club, talking about the crossing of mathematics with ecology, ecoinformatics.