Shooting sport disciplines in Marksmanship Club:

  • Pistol:
    • .22 caliber bullseye pistols at a distance of 50 feet with iron sights
    • Our fleet of target pistols is primarily Ruger MK II, MK III and MK IV models with bull-barrels
    • Competition opportunities:  Willamette Valley Pistol League, NRA Collegiate Sectional / Championships
  • Smallbore Rifle:  
    • .22 caliber smallbore bolt-action rifles shot in 4 positions with iron sights:  offhand, kneeling, sitting, prone
    • This sport usually incorporates additional gear including but not limited to:  jackets, gloves, slings
    • Competition opportunities:  NRA Collegiate Sectional / Championships

We are exploring expanding shooting disciplines in the future within Marksmanship Club. However, our focus is currently to get the pistol and rifle disciplines running again as we build the club and competition teams back up. If you have interest in working with us to develop other disciplines please contact us.