General Vocabulary

Ju the principle of gentleness, yielding, or giving way
Do way, path, or principle
Judo the gentle way
Seiryoku Zenyo maximum efficiency (through minimum effort)
Jita Kyoei mutual benefit and welfare
Sensei teacher or instructor
Dojo place or club where Judo is practiced
Gi uniform (eg: Judogi means Judo uniform)
Seiza kneeling position
Anza sitting position with legs crossed
Ritsurei standing bow
Zarei kneeling bow
Kiotsuke (come to) attention
Rei bow

Practice Vocabulary

Uke Person receiving a judo technique
Tori Person performing a judo technique
Ukemi Falling practice
Uchi Komi Repetition practice without throwing
Randori Free practice
Kiai Shout during execution of technique
Kuzushi Balance breaking
Tsukuri Positioning  
Kake Execution of throw

Technique Vocabulary

Ashi Leg technique
Kaeshi Countering technique
Kansetsu Joint locking technique
Katame Grappling technique
Koshi Hip technique
Nage Throwing technique
Ne Lying technique
Osaekomi Pinning technique
Renraku Connecting, combination technique
Renzoku Continuous technique of the same skill
Shime Choking technique
Tachi Standing technique
Te Hand technique
Tokui Favorite technique, one's favorite


Ichi 1 Pronounced like "each"
Ni 2 Pronounced like "knee"
San 3 Pronounced like "sun" with an "a" replacing the "u" or like "yawn" with an "s" replacing the "y"
Shi 4 Pronounced like "she"
Go 5 Pronounced just like "go"
Roku 6 Pronounced like "broke" without the "b"
Shichi 7 Pronounced like "she" and then the "ch" in cheese, so a chuh sounding noise, so "sheech"
Hachi 8 Pronounced like "ha" from hachoo, as in a sneeze, but followed by the "ch" in "cheese," so "ha-ch"
Ku 9 Pronounced like "queue" or just saying the letter "Q", can also be pronounced "coo" as in "cool" without the l
Ju 10 Pronounced like "juice" but just with the "ju" bit


Name Level Belt
  7th Kyu White Belt
Rokkyu 6th Kyu White Belt (Yellow)
Gokyu 5th Kyu White Belt (Orange)
Yonkyu 4th Kyu White Belt (Green)
Sankyu 3rd Kyu Brown Belt
Nikyu 2nd Kyu Brown Belt
Ikkyu 1st Kyu Brown Belt
Shodan 1st Dan Black
Nidan 2nd Dan Black
Sandan 3rd Dan Black
Yodan 4th Black
Godan 5th Black
Rokudan 6th Black or red & white
Shichidan 7th Black or red & white
Hachidan 8th Black or red & white
Kudan 9th Black or solid red
Judan 10th Black or solid red