$500 IVSA travel scholarship:

  • This scholarship is designed to help bring international veterinary experiences within the reach of OSU CVM students. It is a prospective award, so the applicant must show that he or she has a solid plan and a veterinary contact in-country before the money is given out. In years past we have had wonderful and extremely diverse applications that made it very hard to choose, as did personally knowing the applicants. So, this year, the selection committee will simply judge the applications as meeting our criteria (defined in the attached document) or not, to create a pool of finalists, and the winner will be drawn in a lottery from that pool.

Funds for this scholarship were generated from the IVSA Silent Auction.

2012 - Current Recipient 

Bryan Rensema - Attend Bryan's lunch talk to hear about his 4th year externship experience in Japan 

Past Recipients


   Kathleen Kraska (Tonga)


  • Cate Dolan (Research project in Pretoria, South Africa, at the National Zoological Gardens)
  • See the full VetGazette article


  • April Grothe (Preceptorship in Belgium, participation in IVSA Congress in Poland)


  • Austin Bell (Jolles African Buffalo project: immunomodulation)
  • Kadie Anderson (Jolles African Buffalo project: ectoparasites)
  • Lisa Loennig (Dermatology preceptorship in Great Britain)


  • Daniel Graham (Uganda)
  • hanna Murphy (Mongolia)
  • Liz James (Haiti)