Students have the option of applying for 2 elective credits for participation in this trip, as well as preparation and some afterwork. Along with full participation in the trip and it's planning, students are required to attend weekly seminars that provide relevant information and skills to help in the Nicaragua clinic. 

Unfortunately, at this time, seminars are only open to Nica2013 participants. We hope to eventually have the resources to open this series to fellow veterinary students, veterinarians, and other interested international travelers.

This years' seminar schedule is (subject to change) :

April 2nd- Tropical Diseases (Dr. Ruaux), M 298 5PM

*April 9th- Small animal physical exams (Taught by 4th year students), (7PM)

*April 16th- Large animal physical exams (Dr. Paulson), 5PM

April 23rd- Equine Hoof Health (Dr. Mecham)

April 30th- NO Seminar

May 7th- Diagnostics (Dr's Tornquist/Gorman)

May 14th- Surgery (Dr. Spina), 5PM

May 21st- No Seminar

* May 28th- Anesthesia, 5PM

Just a reminder, if you intend to get elective credit for Nicaragua you must attend the seminars. If you are getting preceptorship credit you must attend the three MANDATORY seminars ONLY but you can attend any of them that you are interested in 

* Indicates the 3 MANDATORY Seminars for ALL Nica participants

Reminder emails will be sent each week