The Nica2013 participants have already been confirmed, but keep your eyes posted for next year's application!


Nicaragua 2013 Need to Know Information


The bulk of the planning for this trip will be accomplished during Spring Term. Many of us are going to be gone over the summer / doing other things (i.e. research), so we are all going to be working hard as soon as we get our group together. Be prepared for a significant time commitment (BUT…it will pay off don’t worry!).

Important Dates:

  • Silent Auction: March 11th - 15th
  • Food Festival: May 18th
  • Spring Term: Weekly Seminar Series April: Dates TBA
  • NICARAGUA TRIP 2013: August 25th - September 5th 


  • Airline tickets: $450 - 800
  • Lodging and food on Ometepe: roughly $400, based on 2012
  • Food, drinks, etc: up to you when not on Ometepe
  • Transportation from Rivas to Airport after the clinics in not included in deposits
  • Involvement in fundraising can reduce our costs and improve our clinic standard of care!


  • 2 elective credits for Fall term 2013
    • Only eligible for elective credit twice. After that you may set up the trip for preceptorship credit if you are in your 4th year
  • Requirements for credit:
  • Participation in planning / preparing for the trip
  • Attendance at 2013 Weekly Seminar Series
  • Group presentation upon return (Fall 2013)
  • Trip wrap up (data analysis, thank you mailings, etc)

Commitments Prior to the trip:

  • “Team” Assignments made winter term – anticipate weekly meetings
    • Clinic “Team” assigned Winter term include:
      • Pharmacy and Anesthesia
      • Surgery and Recovery
      • Large Animal
      • Wellness/Intake
      • Diagnostics
    • Project “Team”
      • 2011 IVSA Symposium Corporate Donation Coordination, Community education and research, Fund-raising and donation collection, Drug Permit Coordination, Surgery and Drug protocols, Logistics, veterinary recruitment and publicity, adopt an animal, student Nica resource book
      • New Ideas?
  • Educational seminars:  Necessary to fulfill elective credit requirements
    • To take place weekly, during Spring Term
    • Last year included:
      • Dr. Tornquist – Diagnostics procedures, 10-head scope session and sample collection wet lab
      • Dr. Mecham – Equine handling, hoof care and dental wetlab
      • Dr. Ward – Zoonotic diseases
      • Dr. Seguin – Spay and Neuter Tips
      • Dr. De Morais – Tropical Canine diseases
      • Dr. Del Alamo – Anesthesia in the field + CPR techniques
  • Miscellaneous
    • Planning/preparation/discussion meetings
    • Packing party – either in August before the trip or before you depart for the summer
    • Assisting with efforts of other teams
    • Recruiting veterinarians to come with us
    • Optional Spanish practice sessions
    • Additional Support during the Summer
  • Information Packet