Three kittens brought to us from the biological station for neutering


A non-typical Nica dog 


And... a very typical-looking Nica dog - super cute!


Julia Mulvaney sits in the recovery bin with post-surgical patients 


One of the better Nicaraguan horse saddles - many of the equipment we see is made from materials around the island, and is often not good at conforming to the natural curves of the horses' back.

2011 Vets

The fantastic 2011 Nicaragua Trip Veterinarians (from left to right):

Dr. Alison Lord (Portland, Oregon - Pearl Animal Hospital)

Dr. Steve Sundholm (Oregon City, Oregon - Equus Veterinary Service)

Dr. Ana del Alamo (Corvallis, Oregon - Oregon State University CVM Anesthesia Resident)

Dr. Hernan Montilla (Corvallis, Oregon - Oregon State University CVM Theriogenology)

Dr. Dawn Anderson (Beaverton, Oregon - Banfield)

Dr. Melissa Adamson (Florida - Peaceful Vet Visit)

Dr. Vicky Addie (British Columnia, Canada)

Dr. Martin Warbington (Bend, Oregon - Tumalo Animal Hospital)