Current Research Projects: 

  • Laura Niman and Stacee Hironaga: Assessment of Anesthetic Protocols 
  • C. Ryan Hill: Leptospirosis Infection in Nicaraguan Dogs 
  • Sara Livesay: Epidemiologic survey of parasites in swine from the community of Merida on Ometepe Island, Nicarauga 
  • Kelby Meyers: Epidemiologic survery of intestinal parasites in equids from a rural community on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
  • Ali McKay: FeLV and Toxoplasmosis in Ometepe Cats


Completed Research Projects: 

  • Kate Schoenhals: Intestinal Parasites of Ometepe Cattle
  • Julia Mulvaney: Presence of Ehrlichia Canis in Ometepe Dogs 
  • Jen Pearson