The owner of Hacienda Mérida, Alvaro Molino, generously hosts our clinics on the hostel property, in addition to providing a discounted rate on our lodging and food while we work. Here is a little more information about this beautiful place!

Hacienda Mérida is located along on the edge of Lake Nicaragua in a small community with the same name at the foot of the Maderas Volcano. The place which was one of the most important farms of the Somoza family now welcomes visitors with spectacular sunsets, a fantastic rear-view of the Maderas and Concepción Volcano, a fishing dock, front view to the lake, high-speed Internet, and an ideal place for a completely enjoyable vacation.

Meals are wonderful and homemade, and the chefs are happy to accommodate any special dietary needs. Central American foods are featured, although some North American cuisine is available for the less adventurous. Three meals daily are available buffet style, along with fresh squeezed juices, and bottled water, which is free for all hostel guests.

Numerous activities are available to explore this beautiful area including mountain biking, kayaking, hiking to the San Ramon waterfall or Maderas volcano, sailing, and horseback riding.