Current Projects


IE Smart Goggles

Scientists across the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering all require the use of complex tools while in the laboratory, as well as a method to log observations and experimental details. IE Smart Goggles will have the capability to display IR temperature readings, radiation level notifications, and relevant scientific documentation in a heads-up display. The Smart Goggles will also have voice recognition, video logging capability, and speech-to-text data recording.


Angel, Noah, and Collin testing OLED for IE GogglesSmart Goggles Concept DesignIE smart goggles
IE Gyga Byke (Hybrid Bike)

Commuters across the world are choosing to ride their bikes to their destinations with increasing frequency. This Inventors Enterprise group is designing a bicycle add-on that electrically propels the cyclist. The add-on can be charged at home via electricity, charged by stationary peddling (like a gym workout!), charged by regenerative braking on the road, and charged on steep downhills. Currently, this group is in phase 1: building the energy generator.


   Gyga Byke Diagram


SIP: Accessible heavy metal detection in water

It is apparent from the crisis in Flint, Michigan that we need a better, faster way to determine whether our water is safe to drink. Current technologies are expensive, wasteful, and slow. This group wants to fix that with a single press of a button. By adding a compound to the water sample, shaking, and then inserting into their device, within seconds you can tell if the water is safe to drink. The group currently has a working prototype and are now making improvements and increasing accuracy.