Outreach at local elementary schools

Hydrophiles has done outreach at several elementary schools in the area. We've presented lessons on water-related jobs, the water cycle, sediment movement, dam operations, and fish passage through dams using a combination of powerpoint slides, visual aides, interactive lessons, and even a scale-model of the Glines Canyon Dam!


Some of our past events include:

  • Garfield Elementary (May 7, 2013) including Hydrophiles Lisa Hall, Laura Hempel, Greer Harewood, and Theresa Ring

 The Service Learning Team led an 80-minute presentation on water and water-related careers for 3rd-5th graders in the Girls Science and Engineering Club at Garfield  Elementary. We used a combination of PowerPoint, group exercises, and hands-on demonstrations to illustrate concepts and engage the students.


  • Chapman Hill Elementary (March 6, 2014) including Hydrophiles Laura Hempel

Hydrophiles talked with two 3rd grade classes about how sediment moves in rivers, why sediment in rivers is important for fish and people, and how sediment moves through dams. We demonstrated these concepts using our stream table, which is a working scale model of the Glines Canyon Dam.


  • GeoDay at Oregon State University (April 18, 2014) including Hydrophiles Laura Hempel and Caroline Nash, and volunteer Nilo Bill

Hydrophiles conducted dam removal experiments with students from Linus Pauling Middle School. We talked about the different components of a riverscape, the processes that control sediment, and how dams interact with those processes.  



 For more info on how to get involved in outreach, contact Service Learning Team Leader Laura Hempel.